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                 YOGA ed. Instructor Training


                                               YOGA ed. PRE-SCHOOL

                                                    YOGA ed. K-8

                                               YOGA ed. HIGHSCHOOL

Training by Julie Sorichetti, Canada's premier trainer for Yoga ed.


This training certifies qualified yogis to teach Yoga ed. Programs for schools:

This consists of 36 weeks of lesson plans,an illustrated Teacher's Guide, a book of games and visualizations, plus resources and handouts. Lessons are science-based explorations of body, mind, and breath, and integrate traditional yoga themes with imaginative play, experiments, partner yoga, games, and art.  The Yoga ed. Curriculum meets the Ministry P. E. Standards and lays a foundation for lifetime health and wellness.



  Training by Julie Sorichetti, Canada's premier trainer for Yoga ed.

Learn to incorporate yoga-based activities ( breathing, simple poses, games, relaxation/visualization) into a daily schedule to reduce stress and enhance focus, self-discipline, learning, and health.

Yoga tools require no experience, extra space, or equipment. In just five to fifteen minutes, teachers and students can feel better and improve creativity, behavior, and achievement.  You will learn to speak and share yoga in a universal educator-friendly way.  You will be able to lead professional development/in-service trainings at schools nationwide and empower teachers to use yoga as an effective tool for behavior and class management as well as improved health, harmony, and learning.  This training is designed for all who desire to bring yoga to youth.  It is open to anyone, although certification is available only to those who have completed a yoga teacher training or equivalent and have experience teaching children.